1. Trade By Barter App
Create an app that lets users sell items for cash or exchange for other items with other users online.
2. Food Recipe App
Create an app that allows users to create and share food recipes with other users online.
3. Food / Clothes Donation App
Create an app that connects users who want to donate food and clothing to charities who need these resources.
4. Food / Groceries/ Drugs Ordering App
Create an app that connects users to food, groceries and drug vendors and allows them order these items on demand.
5. Movies & Books recommendation App
Create an app that allow users create and share recommendation of movies and books.
6. Peer To Peer Self-Storage App
Create an app that makes it possible to connect people who have extra storage space with people looking to rent these storage spaces for a period of time.
7. Fitness Instruction App
Create a fitness instruction app that allows users to set fitness goals, find workout ideas, track calorie intake and share progress across social media.
8. Online Dating App
Create an app that allows users sift through dating profiles, get matched, chat, flirt, play games and many more activities that foster romantic or friendly connections.
9. Travel Agency App
Create an app that connect travel agencies with people in need of travel and tourism-related services like airline tickets, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, package tours and travel insurance.
10. Influencer Marketing App
Create an app that connects brands looking to grow their brands and market their products with influencers with a wide reach who are willing to do this and get paid.
11. Escrow Service App
Create an app that acts as the middleman for purchase of online product and services. The buyers send the money to you as the app administrator, you hold the money until the product is received by the buyer. You then release the money to the seller.
12. Online Learning App
Create an app for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.
13. Multivendor Ecommerce App
Create a multi vendor ecommerce app that allows multiple vendors create stores and sell various products types on the app.
14. Real Estate Listing App
Create a real estate listing app that connects realtors listing land and housing estates for sale or rent online with consumers seeking to buy or rent these properties.
15. Job Marketplace App
Create an app that connects candidates looking for jobs directly to hiring managers.
16. Service Provider Marketplace App
Create an app that serves as a marketplace and connects service providers to employers looking for such services. The app will allow employers to post services needed and service providers places bids in a competitive tender process to get the job of providing the service.
17. Service Listing / Booking App
Create an app that allows service provides list their services as ads and people looking for these types of services can find, contact service provider or book them directly from the app.
18. Event Listing / Booking App
Create an app that allows users to search for, track and book upcoming events in their area such as concerts, festivals, movies, business conferences and more.
19. Hotel / Short Let Booking App
Create an app that allows users search for and book hotels and short let apartments based on categories like location, budget range, room type, and other features.
20. Classified Ads App
Create an app that allows users to list classified ads in various categories such as items for sale, items for rent and many others and get contacted by users who are interested in their ads.
21. School Management App
22. Hospital Management App
23. Business Accounting App
24. Customer Relationship Management App
25. Human Resources Management App
26. Business Review / Rating App
27. Crytocurrency App
28. Gift Card App
29. Fashion Retail Shop App
30. Apartment Management App